Biography of Darren Kirby

Darren Kirby is a writer, photographer, and naturalist who was born, raised, and still lives in British Columbia, Canada. In 2022 he embarked on a 265 day cross-Canada road trip from Vancouver Island to Cape Breton Island and back, with intentions to connect to the varied natural, rural, and urban landscapes of this vast country. He is currently writing a book about this experience.

Darren uses his writing and photography to explore and connect with the natural world, and he has a special interest in the birds, bees, and native plants of British Columbia and beyond. He is also interested in the ephemeral nature of our built heritage and documents the decaying buildings, barns, homesteads, and other interesting structures that become cast off when their usefulness to humans recedes, and they begin the slow process of getting reclaimed by nature.

Though self-described as a misanthrope, Darren enjoys researching and writing pieces of human interest populated by small people doing unique and unlikely things, and exploring how our actions sometimes reach further than we may ever imagine. Often, these pieces are mined from the esoterica of recent history.

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